Travel Journals

Cows in the yard

“There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.”
-Soren Kierkegaard

Hello again from Flores!

The other morning I woke early to the neighbor’s cow making a mighty mooing racket. Her back leg is tied and staked, thereby limiting her to a narrow grazing perimeter, and when I looked out my skylight window I was shocked to find.... cows in OUR yard! (“Amanda, there’s cows in our yard!!!”)

Our cows, (two adult females and two young male calves) blessedly are not tied up, and they have the whole run of a beautiful, glossy green field filled with yellow flowers, much to the disappointment of our neighboring bovine. (However, a man did come over and string out an electric fence.) So I have been greatly entertained by sitting in the sunroom each morning and watching these cows like other people watch TV. We watch each other. I talk to them when I string up my laundry outside. They look at me with reproach if they think I’m getting too close. It’s pretty funny.

On Sunday, we went to a passion play, and we walked with all of the villagers through the cobbled streets of Santa Cruz. The men carried these gigantic platforms with heavy statues of Mary and Jesus, and they had to drop down to their knees at various points so that the tops of the statues wouldn’t hit the power lines. There was a band playing somber music, and it was so interesting to participate. I guess it is an annual event, and most all of the towns have their own celebrations for Easter and other holidays like Festival of the Emigrant in July, which is a big deal here.

One of the traditional foods is a special kind of bread that’s made with whole eggs baked inside. On Easter Sunday, people eat this bread and then the hard-boiled eggs that are inside. A bit different from our hot-cross buns!

I’m feeling better after being hit pretty hard with a bad flu for a couple of weeks. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. Hope you enjoy the latest set of photos!

Much love,