Featured Story: Communities of Belonging: Creating and Hosting Circle in rural Ethiopia

Envision the story that inspired you to action.

Think of the image that changed how you see the world.

Remember the conversation that altered the course of your life.

On the following pages you will see how a creative spirit, the passion to serve and a commitment to share important stories of the world can be combined for information, inspiration and impact.

If you are seeking clarity of purpose, leadership that transforms or visionary ways to make your work crucial to the world, look no further. The resources here provide tools to jumpstart your mission, launch a coaching partnership and showcase ways to sustain our global neighborhood.

Curious about what's included in a coaching engagement with Kristie? Check out the current COACHING SPECIALS  or read comments from clients who have discovered the power and impact of this meaningful work!

THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support the Ethiopian Fistula Project for survivors of the childbirth injury of Obstetric Fistula. Through your generous participation, prayers and financial support I have completed my 7th trip to Ethiopia. To read about the latest journey, progress and challenges, please click HERE.

To read the feature profiling Kristie in The Huffington Post, click HERE!

Lastly, don’t miss the photo gallery and multimedia sections that illustrate how projects and issues can be brought to life.

Enjoy the journey, check back often for project updates, products and featured stories, and celebrate the ways you can be part of preserving and connecting our world.


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