Travel Journals

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The following note illustrates the power Kristie's writing and heart has on the broader community and world!


Dearest Kristie -

You are a woman of multiple colours! Of light-filled veins and laughter in your feet! A woman with a heart in every cell of her body!

You, white woman, among the beautiful brown people, are a woman of love, a woman of compassion as round as the moon, as deep as the African continent is long!

You, Kristie, are a sister of our souls, opening your life to women who need to be heard, who need protection and independence and dignity.

You, friend, travel the miles with your words and stories that dive right into my being.

I am awash with the waves of the oceans between us, with the letters of your words bobbing on each little whitecap, sending staccato messages to the universe. We stitch up the beautiful, soggy letters as they reach the shores of our hearts, and let them drip onto our laps and run down our legs. We see ourselves in the pools at our feet.

We are one people on one earthly home. You help us see each other and become one another.

I hold my new baby and my fear close to my chest and I light up at the sight of your kind eyes when you come to my village.

I walk barefoot on the Ethiopian soil at the edge of the maize field where I grew up.

I sit at a computer in Vancouver, while my paper heart is passed around the circle of women telling stories in a language I do not know.

Because of you, we are one.

You are the bridge, you are the spaces connecting the stars that wrap around our planet, the witness, the giver, the life changer, the story teller.

The circle of love is wide, and you, spreader of light and hope, include us all.

Blessed are we...

Chris Mann