Stories of the World

The Invitation

I am a photographer, writer, and coach from Seattle who travels to capture stories of the world that need telling. Through images, video, and conversations I showcase issues of challenge and triumph and highlight them for those at home and across the globe. You get a face. You get a name. You’re transported into a world where, suddenly, the victim or the perpetrator, the lucky or the unlucky, the creative and the inspired, looks a whole lot like you.

With the intention of linking people and resources and raising awareness beyond our front doors, I am constantly searching for ways to connect those in need with others where imagination and capacity have the power to transform. Unfailingly, transformation occurs on all sides.
I believe in the fundamental right that each person can grow, learn, create, and connect with others. Sometimes this is hampered by economic class or condition, environmental or social upheaval, or physical circumstance. Other times reluctance at being everything we were destined for comes from a lack of belief or the ability to dream broadly enough.
Regardless, I believe that integrity of word and spirit is our responsibility to share with everyone who travels the way with us. It is not what we say, it is not what group we belong to or what ideals we profess, but how we show them and by our choices what our lives stand for.
There are issues and circumstances every day on this planet whose scope and tragedy is mind bending. If our hearts are not broken open we are not listening, we are not looking: starvation, disease, violence, human trafficking, exploitation in a million different ways, the rape of trees and loss of habitat and indigenous people, the extinction of native languages and centuries-old traditions. But with a heart broken open the light can shine through, and with this heart light comes the capacity for the real magic to begin. Our involvement, our saying yes to something easy or wildly inconvenient, it is a beginning.
I support individuals and organizations that give not just financial resources but that give of themselves through long term partnerships, matching grants, microcredit enterprise, eco-friendly products and destinations, women-centered leadership and education, and sustainable pursuits championed by nationals. I welcome the opportunity to highlight worthy projects and to give myself and others the possibility of saying yes, I will help, count on me, I can begin here.
If you are one in need, inquire. Reach out. If you are one with resources of time or money or talent or imagination, put up your hand. If you can support one Travelpoet in her quest to bring you stories and images and opportunities that otherwise you would never see, give me a call. Let’s start a conversation.