Deepening Delight

I have nested into my cabin
at the fringed edge of a meadow. Earlier
when I arrived, a young-ish woman swayed
and rippled in Qi-Qong, just near a splendid tree.
Her graceful arch, its graceful neck like a
lithe giraffe, both breathing
forest, both
planted, both reaching toward sunlight.

When she had gone, I sat on my porch
tasting the melodies and cacophony of birds, seeing the rustle
of bush and brush, feathers whisper-soft and

On the ferry across from the city to this
island I sat, cheek against the glass,
contemplating the hover of gulls surfing the wind
without flapping. A young boy named Ari
screeched his delight, splitting my thoughts.

When was the last time I screeched in delight
over anything?

And so, cabin in the woods, first Monday retreat
tomorrow, warm skies, creatures in abundance,
sleep coming soon beneath brightening stars,
a belly full from toasted bread and goat cheese,
spinach salad with raspberries and jicama,
two mugs of lavender tea...

even in the stillness,
even in the expanding forest-silence,
I am deepening my screech
of delight.

Hear me!