Travel Journals

Thailand Summit Update


I have just a quick moment before I need to jump back into the fray here for the final afternoon of the global summit. This has been such a full and rewarding experience… The response to my photographs has been overwhelming and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to show my work here. Several people said that they have been moved to tears, and one woman took me aside and chokingly said, “Thank you, thank you, for giving women everywhere a voice…” Another man said that when he looked at the image of the mother and child that he felt like he was looking at a Cezanne… “It’s pure art.”

I don’t know necessarily if the images themselves are worthy of such praise or if this beautiful situation which has brought people together from all over the world in the promotion of peace adds an extra component of unity and richness… In any case, I’m humbled.

There have been some extraordinary experiences over the past few days. At one of the receptions, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said that the wife of His Excellency Akel Biltaji (Special Advisor to the King of Jordan) was especially asking to meet with me, and upon the meeting I’ve been invited to travel to Jordan to visit and take pictures of the women there… ?!

A gentleman yesterday who works with the Brazilian space program asked if I would be interested in coming to Brazil to photograph there. A woman this morning from the IIPT chapter in Australia asked if I would come do an exhibit for the conference there next September… etc. etc. etc. I’m a little overwhelmed… It’s absolutely amazing.

The purely human element here, photographs aside, has been even more rewarding. I had a beautiful conversation with a high level figure from Cambodia yesterday that left me feeling both convicted and hopeful about the state of humanity in the world. And there are new friends from Colombia, Tanzania, Nepal, etc.

I with there were more time for me to write and check messages (I haven’t been able to read any of them for the last few days,) but for now there is a finite number of hours left here and that is my focus… to capture every moment.

I’m fine, and feeling healthy and blessed, and hope that everything is well with all of you.