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Kristie's New Adventures

I’ve arrived at last on the island of Flores in the middle of the Atlantic where I will be staying for the next 3 months on a creative residency program. It was a LONG trip (flight to Boston with a 6 hour layover, flight to San Miguel (another one of the Azores- and then an extended 9 hour layover due to weather,) a flight to Faial (another Azore island... where we were grounded overnight due to crazy storms) and at last a flight here yesterday morning to my green and mountainous island of Flores. There are 9 islands in the Azores archipelago, and they are halfway between the U.S. and Europe...

I’m staying in a little stone house with two other writers: ironically enough one is a girl from Whidbey Island- just near Seattle (!) and the other is a female poet from Portland who has been living in Paris for the past few months. We are definitely the northwest contingency! Funny, since this doesn't seem to be a place at all where Americans come.

The island of Flores has about 4,000 people scattered around 12 different villages. It’s green and mountainous and lovely, and the weather has been alternately raining with super-high winds, and now is sunny and calm. I think the former is more typical for winter here!

My bedroom was apparently just finished the day before I arrived, and it’s a lovely little upstairs loft with a skylight that looks out to the sea... I have a bed and desk and a couple of shelves. It will be a great place to unwind from the past few crazy weeks of moving and uprooting and frenzied packing, and hopefully will allow some wonderful writing and creative work to unfold.

That’s all for now... Just wanted to say that I’ve arrived safely and that all is well... The internet cafe is closed on weekends and whenever storms cause haywire to the internet, but I’ll stay in touch as best I can.

Much love,