Travel Journals

Croatian Summer

Heatwaves on the Dalmatian coast...

I’m melting along down through Croatia, currently in Central Dalmatia in the medieval town of Trogir, just north of Split. There is a waterfront promenade and beautiful Roman and Renaissance architecture inside the city walls, and I got up and walked through the empty streets around 6 this morning before the sun began its scorch. My apartment accommodations are in the old town in a palace (large stone house) built in the 1400s. It’s pretty peaceful after many of the day-trip and tour folks have disappeared and the narrow streets are left to the pigeons and church bells.

I enjoyed four nights at the Plitvice Lakes National Park hiking along trails and footbridges through waterfalls and 16 multi-colored lakes. I wore myself out, and it was so hard NOT to jump into the water! (The area is a special karst formation region and is fiercely protected.) There was a doozie of a storm while I was there (I’d just gotten back to the house where I was staying and had taken in my laundry moments before.) I kept counting the time between the lightning and thunder and it only ranged from 1-2 seconds for awhile. Close! And loud!

I drove up to Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, to see the city and bustle there and then escaped for 5 days to the island of Dugi Otok. Had some wonderful conversations each day with the gal named Marta working at the tourist office about politics, social issues, and serving in the world. She introduced me to a man named Ante who runs the town library and who is passionately trying to expand the minds and possibilities of the young people in Sali, a town of 700. I was very inspired by both of them and would love to see if there may be some future overlap of talents.

Back on the mainland, I am making my way down the coast with the eventual end-point of Dubrovnik. I have a rough itinerary in my head, but as always it’s dependent on the whim of the moment, ferry schedules, and what God decides to bring forth.

Thanks so much for the wonderful connections through email. I’m more in sync with the rhythms of solo travel now, but there is always the balance of honoring here and there, the inner and outer, motion and stillness.

And as Ante from Sali says, “Everyone has a thousand worlds inside their soul.” I know that’s true for me.

Much love,