"I looked around and wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then I realized, I am somebody."

The ability to capture a moment in time carries the ability to alter the course of a life.

Kristie’s writing allows her to capture the moments and stories of her own authentic path and those of others. She uses documentary, journalistic, poetic, and creative avenues to harness the passion and poignancy of the human spirit.

Kristie has been published in a number of books, magazines, and websites, and has served as a writer and editor for organizations in the travel, finance, technology, education, and non-profit sectors.

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Publication List
  • Hamlin Fistula and SalaamGarage: Stories of Ethiopia from Twelve Citizen Journalists
  • Women of the World: Afghanistan and Guinea-Bissau 
  • Ilha: Portuguese-English poems by Gabriela Silva with photographs by Kristie McLean
  • Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul:
    Stories of Adventure, Inspiration and Insight to Celebrate the Spirit of Travel
  • Discovering Gifts: Hillsboro, Oregon Field Report: Summer 2005 issue
  • Children's Teacher
  • The Bellingham Review
  • Jeopardy Magazine
  • Pontoon
  • Edge of the Earth, Corner of the Sky
  • "Bare Bones" greeting card series

The world is filled with interesting stories. Stories of birth, transformation, death and transcendence are the very core of every individual and organization. They fundamentally define our hopes, dreams and potential. Often times these stories go unspoken or unrecorded. We find ourselves so caught up in the drama of the moment that the moment passes before we know it and we are left with a sense that we have lost something, that we have been swept away by the storm. As a result our hopes, dreams and potential often seem undefined and out of reach.

Kristie is someone who provides a calm and sheltered moment in the storm. A moment to relax, reflect, and actively respond to our experience and environment. A moment to define and shape our dreams.

She does this through her unique blend of experience, insight and compassion. She actively listens, asks thoughtful questions, and through her writing and photography puts the story into perspective.

Whether the stories take place in the boardroom or Brunei, Kristie helps one go from a passive participant to an active traveler, from hurried reader to passionate poet. It is a refreshing and transformative experience.

Jaxon Ravens
Executive Director
Washington State Democratic Central Committee, WSDCC
Seattle, Washington