Where there is great love, there are always miracles.
--Willa Cather

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The world is filled with interesting stories. Stories of birth, transformation, death and transcendence are the very core of every individual and organization. They fundamentally define our hopes, dreams and potential. Often times these stories go unspoken or unrecorded. We find ourselves so caught up in the drama of the moment that the moment passes before we know it and we are left with a sense that we have lost something, that we have been swept away by the storm. As a result our hopes, dreams and potential often seem undefined and out of reach.

Kristie is someone who provides a calm and sheltered moment in the storm. A moment to relax, reflect, and actively respond to our experience and environment. A moment to define and shape our dreams.

She does this through her unique blend of experience, insight and compassion. She actively listens, asks thoughtful questions, and through her writing and photography puts the story into perspective.

Whether the stories take place in the boardroom or Brunei, Kristie helps one go from a passive participant to an active traveler, from hurried reader to passionate poet. It is a refreshing and transformative experience.

Jaxon Ravens
Executive Director
Washington State Democratic Central Committee, WSDCC
Seattle, Washington

At the heart of Kristie McLean's writing, regardless of genre, is a commitment to truth and a compassionate understanding of what it means to be human. In rich, empathic detail, Kristie has demonstrated continuously over the twelve years that I've know her that writing is, for her, a way of connecting with the earth, with the self, with others. Her work is utterly authentic, infused with a love of language and a deep trust in the possibilities of language to break down barriers and build unity. To experience her work is to be embraced by a clarifying light.

Shaw Malcolm
New York
Writer and Musician

Kristie's approach to life, her quick and genuine smile, her refreshing honesty, and her deep compassion makes her a fresh and welcome breeze.

Kristie has worked with our congregation in a number of capacities, and in every case she
has demonstrated great leadership skills and a willingness to challenge old ideas or behaviors to move to new ways of thinking that bring life and energy. She has worked with
our youth, our leadership team, on various outreach and mission projects, and with our
elderly population. Again, in every case, the community was blessed by her gifts and

Kristie has a rare combination of gifts and talents. She is a great writer, interviewer,
and photographer and is able to capture the spark in every person and draw it out. But
what makes Kristie special is her ability to genuinely care for her subjects and not just
treat them as stories for a portfolio. If you attend one of Kristie\'s lectures or gaze
deeply into the eyes of one of her subjects, you will quickly understand that it is her
compassion for others that has allowed her the sacred entrance into their lives.

It is hard for one person to change the world, but one person with the combined talents
and heart like Kristie's can change some minds and touch many hearts.

David Tinney
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Bellevue, WA