"Lessons always arrive when you are ready for them, and if you can read the signs, you will learn everything you need to know in order to take the next step."
---Paulo Coelho

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I have worked with Kristie as both my personal executive coach and with our staff. Her skills at listening, leading hard conversations where everyone is heard and made to feel understood, teaching communication skills, awareness of group dynamics and ability to shift mid-stream to meet the needs of the group are extraordinary. I've personally seen and appreciated her profound insights, her deep and centered wisdom, her calming and peaceful manner, her intellectual curiosity, her ability to work with Emotional Intelligence tools and her ability to relate those tools to real-life interactions and scenarios. Her skills in these areas is profound. She listens well and often circles conversations that seem abstract back to the things I've shared with her or that she's observed from both my workplace and personal life. She has a very holistic approach and has helped me to grow, to build stronger and deeper relationships at home and at work and to better understand myself. I can't recommend Kristie more highly!

John Bjorge
Senior Pastor, First Lutheran Church of Richmond Beach

During my current career at Microsoft, I had the opportunity and privilege to meet with many great trainers, lecturers and coaches. When I joined the MS ExPo program, I was very much looking forward to new experiences from my upcoming coaching relationship. What I really like and respect about Kristie, besides her high level of professionalism and extensive experience/knowledge, is her pristine human approach and great ability to put things in the right perspective. She managed to build a very high level of trust immediately which of course is the main necessity for any successful coaching relationship. Through our conversations, I learned a lot from Kristie, but most of all, she helped me a lot to learn from and about myself.

Milan Dragic: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kristie is a phenomenal coach who helps her client discover how to be a more effective leader. She is innovative in her approaches and has a unique ability to lead the coaching session discussion to achieve optimal results.

Michael Marr

Working with Kristie enabled me to make several breakthroughs in how I influence people in our organization. She helped me gain better perspective on how my actions and words were perceived which enabled me to improve how I communicated with peers and partners. I found her low-ego approach refreshing and conducive to good learning.

Steve Shihadeh
General Manager - Health Solutions Group
Microsoft Corporation

Kristie's unique blend of sensibilities grant such a special awareness of people's deep issues and empower her coaching skills to very special levels. In my experience, it's Kristie's commitment to her own way of living that drives her coaching into an inspiring and action oriented practice. I am grateful for many "aha” moments.

Raul Romero
Mexico City

Kristie McLean and I have collaborated, both as students and as coaches. Her warm and gentle demeanor are just two of the gifts she brings to her colleagues and coaching clients.

Throughout our work together as learners, I have been astounded by Kristie's creative abilities – both as photographer and writer. Her use of these mediums as vehicles for communicating need, joy, despair, and intensity remain with her audiences long after taking in Kristie's work. She uses these creative talents in unique and fun ways during her individual coaching assignments and I prize the insights we gained together.

Kristie is truly someone who is destined to change the world. I am proud to know her and even prouder still of her commitment to professional excellence.

Dr. Jeanette K Harrison
Vice President, American Express Learning Network
Tempe, AZ

Kristie embodies the best of coaching; she's insightful, artful, and believes in the higher calling of every individual. She's effective with a member of a large corporation or with a child in a small village in a remote part of the world. I couldn't recommend her work more highly.

Salle Merrill Redfield
Author of "The Celestine Meditations" and Executive Producer of "The Celestine Prophecy" Movie
Los Angeles

Kristie McLean provided coaching for me at a critical crossroad in my life. I felt that my work/life balance was out-of-whack, that my job was overly stressful, and that my relationship with my wife was strained. These factors were affecting my attitudes and my family life and had to be addressed.

Through a series of classes and coaching sessions, I learned to how to handle the stress, to put things in perspective, to dust-off and reaffirm my life goals, and to have more joy and fulfillment.

One of the biggest benefits has come in the area of my personal life. I have learned to make time for myself and my family, to take time out of my work schedule to enjoy life and spend more time with my wife and kids, to think of their needs instead of just the needs of my job responsibilities.

Today I have focus, an understanding of what matters most, and a better attitude towards work. I feel free of the needless stress and frustration I used to experience.

David Izant
Director of POS and Inventory Control
ARAMARK Corporation

I have worked with Kristie for several years and have witnessed her commitment to the client and the coaching profession. She has a quiet presence that allows the client to be the focus for transformational change.

Kristie has developed a unique coaching style which has been impacted by her travels abroad working with diverse groups, as well as her work with organizational executives. She is a gem.

Mary Anne Walk
President, Walk & Associates, Inc.
New Jersey

Working with Kristie was one of the best learning experiences I have had. I was able to learn a great deal about myself and the way I may be perceived by others when I communicate. I also learned to slow down and think before I respond to people. Kristie taught me the importance of understanding what the other person’s point of view may be.

Kristie made me think a lot deeper about my strategies and what I was looking for with my life in the long term. I always looked forward to our coaching sessions and wish there could have been more. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Kristie because they have helped both in my work and personal life.

Tom Coohill
Director Of Culinary Standards
East Stadiums and Arenas
ARAMARK Corporation

Kristie McLean is a global citizen. Her passion and many talents allow her to see what others cannot and choose not to see. Kristie is brilliant intellectually, however her unique ability is found in her high emotional intelligence. She is able to combine her brain, her emotion, and her intuition in ways that create positive outcomes for individuals, teams, and broader organizations.

Kristie is comfortable with complex people and “impossible” challenges. She is the only executive coach who receives consistent A+ reports from clients.

Kristie brings vision and clarity, hope and action to the individuals on our planet.

Bruce Leamon
President, Leamon Group, Inc.
Sammamish, Washington