Kristie McLean uses photography to capture spirit. Her unobtrusive style allows her access into worlds hidden to others: indigenous communities, gatherings of women, rural celebrations, areas of poverty and violence. Her portraits show the power of the soul.

Frequently traveling alone, Kristie has the ability to accept invitations from local families and communities and to create lasting relationships as a peaceful, conscious pilgrim. Her lens draws out stories of injustice as well as goodness unfolding, and she's intent on showcasing individuals and organizations committed to real change. If you know of a story that needs telling, or if you'd like to hire Kristie's services for your organization,
please contact her HERE.

Kristie is an amazingly talented, gifted and passionate photographer. I have long admired her phenomenal ability for telling a story through photography. Her global photography work is compelling and reveals the spirit of a place and its people.

When it came time for me to hire a Seattle-area photographer to take photos for my new website and expanded social media presence, Kristie was my obvious choice. I knew that there was no one better to capture and convey my authentic essence through photography than Kristie!

Her approach is unique, creative and powerful. She engages with you in advance of the shoot in a way that gives her a clear sense of your authentic nature and how you want to be seen in this world. Kristie asks powerful, insight-seeking, coaching questions that help you tap into and express your authentic essence and gain clarity on your intentions and desires for the photo shoot.

Kristie infused the whole experience with an energy and tone that was congruent with my intentions for ease, calm, relaxed energy, groundedness, playfulness, fun and creativity. She made me feel beautiful, vibrant and seen!

The results were exceptional and I was thrilled by the photographs that emerged. I felt like Kristie had truly captured and conveyed my soul's essence! I am so grateful that I had the chance to work with Kristie and I highly recommend her essence photography services not just to women in the Seattle area but to nonprofits and corporations around the globe.

Susan McCaul Siegmund
Seattle, Washington

I have come to know Kristie as a creative and dedicated photographer who is fully engaged in every project she has done with our organization.

Kristie has traveled with us internationally to photograph our programs and the people we work with. The results have been outstanding and the process is always a pleasure.

Prior to working with us she took the time to understand our organization and prior to each shoot she has gained a thorough understanding of our needs for the particular shoot. This preparation gave her a terrific ability to suggest shots and ‘messaging’ that we hadn’t considered and that met our shoot objectives more effectively.

Kristie has a passion for other cultures and their peoples. This adds a unique and valuable integrity to her work. When she’s shooting, Kristie engages with the people she photographs with great sensitivity. She quickly and easily puts them at ease. (It’s a delight to watch her in action.) The results are photos that have amazing life and capture the heart and soul of her subjects.

I love her work. She is the first person I call when we need a photographer here and especially overseas.

Theresa Schulz-Norris, Founder
Women’s Enterprises International
Seattle, Washington

Kristie has created and directed photographic exhibits for IIPT’s two most recent global summits on Peace through Tourism in Europe and Asia. Both the “Women of the World” and “Sacred Connections” exhibits provided a strong visual medium to help raise awareness of the connectedness of our global family to one another – and to our common home, planet earth.

The exhibits gave insight and meaning to the summit goals of promoting mutual respect and understanding, international cooperation, healing wounds of conflict, fostering sustainable community development, and measures to alleviate poverty.

Kristie is committed to using her photography to create bridges and reconciliation and to connect with others as an ambassador for peace. Kristie is a valued – and valuable -partner with IIPT. Her presence and images provide impact, hope, and strong convictions for positive change.

Louis D’Amore
Founder and President
International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT)
Stowe, Vermont